Funeral Costs & Expenses

How much does a funeral cost?

Many people are surprised by the costs and expenses they incur when a loved one dies. Of course, these costs arrive at an already difficult time, often well before life insurance claims can be made or an estate can be settled.

Australian funerals typically cost $5,000 to $15,000+ depending on whether a loved one has chosen to be buried or cremated (burial plots, coffins, caskets), what kind of service the family would like (venue hire, celebrant, refreshments, flowers, catering), and any other expenses related to the person’s death (outstanding medical expenses).

All these expenses add up and can place an enormous financial strain of several thousand dollars on the family members and friends left behind.

How can I prepare for the cost of a funeral?

Not everyone has several thousand dollars available at short notice to cover funeral expenses. Funeral insurance cover is an excellent way to prepare for the costs associated with a funeral and protect your family’s savings for the future.

For as little as a few dollars a week, 1300 Funeral Insurance will pay up to $15,000 for your funeral expenses when you pass away. Funeral plans offer the peace of mind of knowing your family is supported in the event of your death.

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