Funeral Insurance for over 50s

Over 50s Funeral Insurance

It is now easy for pensioners, seniors and those over 50 to get funeral insurance

As we get older, we become more aware of how our death will affect those closest to us. Along with the emotional strain of losing a loved one, funeral expenses are a costly and immediate burden for those left behind. That's why more and more Australian seniors are taking steps to protect their family's savings with funeral insurance.

1300 funeral insurance plans offer peace of mind to Australians over 50, by covering the immediate costs of your funeral from $5,000 to $15,000. Available from less than $2.20 a week, your family will have access to a lump sum payment within 24 hours of submitting their claim.

Easy and reliable

1300 Funeral Insurance guarantees acceptance to Australian residents aged 35 to 70 years, with no need for complicated forms or a medical examination.

1300 Insurance Funeral Insurance features

  • No interview or medical is required
  • Your first month is free
  • Premiums are fixed and do not increase as you get older
  • When your premium payments match the sum insured, you stop paying premiums altogether!
  • Guaranteed acceptance for eligible Australians residents aged between 35 and 70 years
  • Cover available for amounts of between $5,000 and $15,000 (in $1,000 increments)
  • Convenient monthly premium payment
  • 30 day cooling off period

Why wait? Prepaid funeral insurance cover is just a phone call away. Talk to an insurance expert on 1300 Insurance (1300 467 872) for guaranteed cover and peace of mind. Or get a funeral insurance policy quote online right now.

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