Types of Funeral Cover

Funeral insurance is also known as 'funeral cover' or 'burial insurance', although the lump sum payment can be used to assist with other funeral expenses including the funeral ceremony, cremation costs, casket purchase and more.

Sadly, many people pass away without making funeral arrangements. This leaves their family or other loved ones not only to grieve, but to cover the expensive costs of a funeral or cremation.

Pauper's Funerals

All states and territories in Australia have provision for state-funded 'pauper's burials', also known as destitute burials. These usually preclude any public service or ceremony; simple coffins are interred in deep graves that may hold up to 6 people in total. The graves are typically unmarked, although family are notified of the location and the cemetery keeps details of people buried at their facilities.

Funeral Insurance – a low cost option

While a great comfort to people left to bury a loved one with no money, pauper’s funerals can make a difficult time even more stressful.

For as little as $2.20 a week, you can spare your family and friends the hardship and expense of a funeral by taking out simple funeral insurance cover. Loved ones receive a lump sum payment in time to cover funeral expenses, allowing them to share a memorable farewell.

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